Service List

Our basic garden using one of our 4 design palettes, which should be able to be installed affordably using “Cash for Grass” rebates as & if they are available.  Our basic gardens include soil prep and mulch around plants & on the surrounding ground too.  Unfortunately, although we cannot promise a ‘free’ garden depending upon the size and amount/availability of the rebates, we will certainly try to make it as affordable as possible!

Additional upgrade services include:

  • Rain gardens
  • Tilling in cases of highly compacted soil
  • “Lasagna Mulching” soil prep when at least a month is available before planting or in winter
  • Dry Creek beds
  • Decomposed granite hardscape
  • Compost Tea & Bacterial/Fungal soil inculcations
  • Conversion of existing sprinklers to drip-line irrigation
  • Rain barrels – rebates may be available!
  • Compost bins – rebates may be available!
  • Install of new smart irrigation controllers and soil moisture sensors – rebates may be available!
  • Installer larger more mature plants for a ‘fuller’ initial look
  • Turf removal & haul away
  • Large decorative pots integrated into the design
  • Berms integrated into the design
  • Edible garden elements
  • Preparation for wildlife habitat certification
  • Edging with bender board
  • Annual or bi-annual re-mulch contract
  • Ongoing quarterly maintenance contract

Almost every landscape decision you make regarding soil conditions, the planting scheme, watering and maintenance practices bears human health, financial, and ecological implications – Terra Seco Gardens can help you navigate those decisions affordably and simply. By choosing a design with plants that thrive naturally in our local climate plus assessed to fit in your yard’s particular conditions, you’ll not only save water, time and money but will be creating an outdoor space that’s healthier for your family, pets, wildlife, and the environment. Our philosophy of do it once and do it right using higher quality long-lasting materials is also a greener choice.Please contact us asap to understand your needs & come up with a design & bid!!

We can also offer only design services and hourly project management services if you have vendors and/or crews – We can certainly adjust to work with you!

Please contact us for more info & to set up a free consultation.