Design Palettes

We offer 5 different basic design palettes depending on your taste, and your home’s design & architectural style.  Each palette is a basic starting point, which can be reasonably adjusted to the existing features and size of your garden, how much turf you plan to remove, how much shade vs. sun your garden is positioned for, and your plant preferences.   Of course you can mix palettes too depending on existing plants you want to keep and which ones in our palette catch your eye!  Each of our palettes contain native & adapted plants which are beneficial for local soils, water use, flora & fauna.

Our 5 palettes are:

COLORFUL MEDITERRANEAN – Our city’s temperate mild sunny climate similar to the Mediterranean can support a colorful variety of plants.  This palette is best for people who like lively, bright, colorful gardens matching homes such as bungalows, Spanish, or modern mediterranean and can be coordinated with existing features such as fig & citrus trees, beauganvilla, etc.

TURF REPLACEMENT – If you like the consistent lush cooling green carpet effect of turf, this palette contains low-water healthier plush options made to look like grass that use less water and chemical inputs.   This palette consists of prairie-style grasses and groundcovers.

SUCCULENTS – This palette is suitable for a variety of home styles, including modern/contemporary.  We use a variety of colors, textures, and heights to create an interesting visual effect including a few tall grasses.  We also integrate some succulents which will bloom in the spring offering more colorful variety thru the seasons, as well as helping to attract pollinators.

TALL GRASSES – This palette provides simple, clean taller lines to provide height and texture with a more neutral color palette of browns, burgandy, greys, and greens.  It’s a nice look for more cottage, modern, & bungalow style homes.  We use a variety of plants to attain visual variety including ground cover.

WILDFLOWERS – The simplest & most affordable option, wildflowers!  Attract pollinators to your garden with seasonal California wildflowers mixed with mulch.  Little formal design, but much wildlife!

And coming soon a KID FRIENDLY GARDEN palette too!

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