Our process

Interested in working together?  Here’s the quick run-down of what happens next and what you can expect:

  1. Contact us – we’ll be in touch asap to set up an in person consultation to assess your current yard, look at existing features, take measurements & photos, and discuss your preferred design palette and any desired upgrades
  2. Receive a proposal from us within 7 business days
  3. We can assist in applying for your local “Cash for Grass” rebate (as applicable)
  4. If & once we receive approval for your rebate application, stop watering your lawn & remove your turf within the contractual &/or rebate timeframes
  5. 1-5 day installation period typically depending on size & complexity – if possible in cases of highly compacted soil, we like to pause after the soil prep before the planting to really give the new nutrients a chance to soak in!
  6. Within a year or two your garden will mature & fill out, as it fills with life – bees, butterflies, birds & hummingbirds without the use of chemicals, artificial fertilizers AND uses less water!  It will still require some maintenance including water during the drier periods of the year, monitoring the irrigation system, pulling weeds, and potentially adjusting the plantings & irrigation.