Why convert?

Top 5 Reasons to Convert your Turf to a California Friendly Garden:

  1. The Drought silly!  The average American home uses approximately half of its water irrigating outdoor landscaping, of which turf uses approximately xxx gallons per square foot – that’s tens of thousands of gallons on your yard per year!
  2. How much do you value your time?  Turf requires lots of maintenance mowing, fertilizing, pulling weeds, etc – constant attention fighting with the elements to keep it green and under control.  There’s an easier & less time-consuming way using plants which are adapted to our local climate & soil.
  3. Lowering your home’s operating costs is a strong investment – it increases curb appeal and reduces your ongoing monthly maintenance and water costs to replace turf, especially if you can get rebates to assist!
  4. Cutting down on urban noise pollution and pollution by clipping instead of mowing, reducing or eliminating the need for use of gas-fueled equipment.
  5. Contributing to a local sense of ‘place’ – we live in an enviable & desirable climate so why should our yards look like boring lawn (yawn!) cookie-cutter copies of each other?  Using local native & adapted plants in a smart design contributes to not only a healthier more climate-appropriate ecosystem, but also differentiates a region from other area.  Leave the grass for climates with more rainfall – we can keep our luscious mediterranean foliage!